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2012-11-04 02:58:50 by JackRocker

Soooooo...A remix. Of one of my tracks. Waidmann made one. You should all check it out, because it's nice and tasty. FUCKING LISTEN!


2012-02-20 02:48:23 by JackRocker

So, in a previous post I mentioned Team-Dix's remix of my track Risky Business. Well, now boney-man has also made a remix of that track. So I'm making this post to try to bring a little more attention to both remixes. Both are good in their own right, but both are very different from each other, and both are definitely a whole shitload better than mine. Tempo was corrected, melodies were sliced a lot more, blah blah blah.

Remix by Team-Dix --Sweet-sounding Hip Hop straight from the streets of Russia. Uses the filtered piano from my track more than anything, and definitely a fun listen, and very fun to bump while driving. Give it a listen, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Remix by boney-man --Boney-man opted to use the sax melody from my beat, keeping the same vibe that I had intended when I made the track. Despite this, boney-man also succeeds in putting his own spin on it, and also correcting the tempo errors. Very good remix.

In addition to posting the links to these remixes, I'm also going to post the link to the samples that I sent them. They're short, but the above remixes will show what can be done with them. I'm uploading them because I'd like to see if anyone else would like to take a shot at remixing them. So download it, put your own spin on it, and post it here on NG, or anywhere else you post your music, then shoot me a link, either by PM here on Newgrounds, or a comment on this post. I'd love to see what people do with this.



2012-02-08 12:33:38 by JackRocker

Soooo, Rama(Team-DIx) just uploaded a remix of my track Risky Business. Go check it out! You won't be sorry. He took my horribly off-tempo ball of ass and turned it into a mixtape-quality masterpiece. Go tell him that he's a Hip Hop god. Do it now.

Hip Hop

2012-02-02 06:19:12 by JackRocker

So, I looked at the Top 30 in the Audio Portal for this week and counted at least 8 Hip Hop tracks that I recognized(didn't listen to all 30 to see if there was more HH than that). Now, on a website that's more dance/techno oriented, that's quite an accomplishment. So, if you're a Hip Hop fan, go tell Sirhc7000, Team-Dix, PoyzenJam, and Shag how awesome there are. I mean it. They're some of the best producers you'll ever listen to.

Congrats guys.

Edit: Turns out I didn't notice DJDureagon's track. Tell him how awesome he is too. Do it now.

What's going on in my life..

2011-11-28 05:24:43 by JackRocker

Alright, I know I posted forever ago about making a series of punk tracks, but I got lazy after 3 out of 4. That, and my recording quality is absolute SHIT. Punk rock is my favorite genre, probably always will be, but I find Hip Hop much more enjoyable to produce. So, I'll be doing more of that than Punk anyway. I'm also attempting to start a band with my best friend, so we'll see where that takes us. We'll be playing a variety of styles, but the main influences will be Psychedelic, Rock, Blues, and Hip Hop. We'll be combining samples with original works because we both play guitar, and I like to slice samples as well. My Saxophone Hip Hop WIP(which was later used in my beat Risky Business) will most likely be reworked for a song in the future, as well as a couple trumpet and guitar loops I've sampled here and there. Nothing serious is in the works yet, as we don't have much free time, but all the time I've had, I've been putting some WIPs together. I'll get the band's music posted here as soon as we finish something. Which I hope is soon. Cheers!

Punk Rock Tracks

2011-05-04 03:30:09 by JackRocker

So, a while back, I announced that I would be taking a break from my usual Hip Hop, and recording a few Punk tracks. Well, I didn't exactly take a break from Hip Hop, just recorded a few Punk riffs here and there in between beats. Nothing special, in fact, I didn't really put much effort. It's just a few generic power chord riffs over generic Punk Rock drum patterns. But I had fun with it, and maybe some of you will enjoy them. I'm going to post a 4-part series, but due to NG's 2-uploads-per-day limit, I've only got 2 up at the time that I'm typing this. Links are below. Check 'em out, review, vote, download. Important thing is that you enjoy it. Thanks to all of you who like my music, I love you all, and if you hate my music..well, I'm not so petty that I'd hate you for it, I love you just the same. Thanks!

Drunken Stupor
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21st Birthday

2011-04-14 11:45:09 by JackRocker

Well, it's a bit early to be posting this, I suppose, but the end of June is my 21st birthday. So start recommending drinks now, because I plan on being totally shit-faced by the time that day ends. So if you've had any particular drink in the past that you really enjoy, suggest it here. Maybe I'll try it! And while you're at it, check out some of my beats. Comments are always welcome. I respond to all reviews, and will review one of your works as well. Thanks to everyone who regularly listens and votes, reviews, etc. Shout out to BlowinMoneyENT and Gunner-D especially. Also thanks to my friend Familia Risky, who will probably never see this anyway because she doesn't visit NG unless I link her to one of my tracks. She's a huge fan, and her support is definitely inspiring. Thank you all.

--Johnny Crysis

Rappers Wanted

2011-03-30 13:14:27 by JackRocker

Well, I've got a decently-sized collection of beats on the Portal now, and I think it would be cool to see if any of NG's MCs could do anything with them. I've got a friend in Indonesia that would like to hear some lyrics on my tracks as well. She's a huge fan. In particular, I think she would like to hear some lyrics on Indonesian Assassin Girl, as her voice was used in that track. So if someone would spit a verse or two over that track, you'd make a girl very happy. Any of my other tracks, you're also free to use for whatever you'd like to use them for.

Some Different Stuff...

2011-01-19 03:19:13 by JackRocker

Well, I guess I'm going to take a break from producing my normal Hip Hop, and record a little Punk. I'm probably going to submit a 4-part series of Punk Rock tracks to the portal as soon as they're recorded. I guess you could think of it as an EP, although it's more of a series of submissions, really. They'll be instrumental tracks, although if any punk/rock vocalists out there want to hit them up when they're done, I'm totally cool with that. Just hit me up with a PM or something. I guess that's all for now. I'll be dropping those tracks as soon as they're all finished. Well, 2 of them per day over a 2 day period(damn NG and it's upload limits). Hope you'll enjoy!

Some Different Stuff...

New Tracks Coming Soon

2011-01-10 13:31:05 by JackRocker

So I've been working on a couple new tracks over the past couple weeks. Been sampling from NG submissions, which is a really good source of sample-worth material. I think of these new tracks as something of a two-part series, as they're done with similar styles. Went with a somewhat modern feel with them. The first is done with violins as the main insrument, and the second is done mostly with piano. The second contains a copyrighted sample, and therefore I will not be uploading the full version, so it will sound pretty incomplete. If it gets a good response, you can PM me and I'll send you the complete version.

Anyway, these tracks will be uploaded as soon as I do some tweaking on them. I'm still practicing mastering, but rather than wait until I'm good at it, I'll upload them for criticizm and let the good people of NG tell me what they think it needs. I'm still looking for some good drum samples as well, so I can stop using my pathetic drum VSTs, but I still haven't found anything, so for now I'm using some complete crap which I'll be replacing as soon as I find something better. I think that's all, so stay tuned and I'll get those up as soon as possible.

PS. And check out some of my current submissions. I could use some feedback. Thanks!

Edit: I'd also like to thank Gunner-D for taking the time to review my works. So far he's reviewed 4 of my tracks, and left good honest feedback on all of them. So thanks a lot man, you're feedback is great.