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2012-02-20 02:48:23 by JackRocker

So, in a previous post I mentioned Team-Dix's remix of my track Risky Business. Well, now boney-man has also made a remix of that track. So I'm making this post to try to bring a little more attention to both remixes. Both are good in their own right, but both are very different from each other, and both are definitely a whole shitload better than mine. Tempo was corrected, melodies were sliced a lot more, blah blah blah.

Remix by Team-Dix --Sweet-sounding Hip Hop straight from the streets of Russia. Uses the filtered piano from my track more than anything, and definitely a fun listen, and very fun to bump while driving. Give it a listen, I promise you won't be disappointed.

Remix by boney-man --Boney-man opted to use the sax melody from my beat, keeping the same vibe that I had intended when I made the track. Despite this, boney-man also succeeds in putting his own spin on it, and also correcting the tempo errors. Very good remix.

In addition to posting the links to these remixes, I'm also going to post the link to the samples that I sent them. They're short, but the above remixes will show what can be done with them. I'm uploading them because I'd like to see if anyone else would like to take a shot at remixing them. So download it, put your own spin on it, and post it here on NG, or anywhere else you post your music, then shoot me a link, either by PM here on Newgrounds, or a comment on this post. I'd love to see what people do with this.



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2012-03-10 22:35:58

What's a Beta Tester?

JackRocker responds:

Have not figured it out fully yet...I just use at as a quick and easy way of letting people know I have a new track up. Easier than sending mass PMs.


2012-05-03 17:43:22

Thanks to JACKROCKER. So i can do something else, i mean remake some track and other)))
was here - RaMa

JackRocker responds:

Ha, yeah, I'd love to do another project like that too sometime, if you're up for it again. Hit me up sometime!